gPlex Contact Center Essential

Contact Center Essential for small and startup business.

Solution for Startup with Basic Contact Center

gPlex® Contact Center solution is easy to deploy and is scalable. Agents can be located remotely at multiple locations while the core server placed at the central office.

gPlex® Contact Center Essential component encompasses a range of fundamental tools and features tailored to optimize the performance and efficiency of contact centers. With a user-friendly interface and customizable options, Call Center Essentials from the solution provider equips organizations with the foundational elements necessary for running a high-performing and customer-centric call center operation.

Contact Center Essential facilitates flawless interaction between clients and agents with everything from intelligent queuing systems to reliable call routing to real-time analytics and reporting.

Salient Features:

  • CTI with SIP: CTI can also authenticate a call, screening its number against a database.

  • IVR: Allows callers to interact with an automated menu system directing them to the appropriate department.

  • Skill based ACD: Routes incoming calls to the most suitable available agent based on predefined criteria such as skill set or workload.

  • Screen Popup: gPlex IVR system gives callers a self-service option to complete steps.

  • Lead Generation: Screen Popup display relevant information - caller’s name on the agent’s screen.

  • Integrated CRM: gPlex CRM integration helps agents in personalizing calls using CTI screen popups.

  • Interactive Dashboard: Interactive Dashboard is a graphical representation of important activities of contact center.

  • Voice Logger: Enables supervisors to monitor live calls, ensuring quality control, and recording interactions for training and compliance purposes.

  • Predictive Dialing: Maximizes agent productivity by automatically dialing multiple numbers simultaneously, predicting when an agent will be available.

  • Standard Reporting: Provides actionable insights into call center performance, allowing managers to make informed decisions and optimize workflows.