Smart IVR

Transform the way you Connect and Improve Customer Experience with gPlex Smart IVR

What is a Smart IVR used for ?

Smart IVR enables personalized customer interactions by delivering tailored content and relevant information from the backend databases, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Besides, its swift implementation utilizing the existing voice IVR scripts to get you up and running in no time is a major advantage. You can even create new self-service flows with complete ease, using the business-friendly authoring environment.
What’s more, it transforms customer calls into collaborative experiences, allowing real-time sharing of documents, links and forms to expedite problem solving.

Additionally, the Smart IVR plays a pivotal role in boosting business growth by significantly improving the NET Promoter Score, as evidenced by its impressive 98% customer satisfaction rating compared to the traditional Voice IVR systems – making customers more inclined to recommend your products or services to others.

Dazzling User Experience

Smart IVR transforms a common and monotonous experience into a delightful one. With a tap and a swipe, your customers will instantly get what they want when they want it! This in return will make them super happy. After all, everyone wants their answers now, not later.

Improve Customer Loyalty

When your customers experience lightning-quick solutions, they don't just stay - they become your most loyal advocates. Rapid Response turns satisfied customers into your brand's fervent champions – always ready to sing your praises.

Boost Efficiency, Cut Costs

Smart IVR empowers customers to resolve issues on their own, reducing the need for live agent support. This not only decreases operational costs but also frees your staff for more urgent and important tasks.

Personalized Service

Every customer is unique, and they deserve to be treated as such. And with Smart IVR, you can ensure that each interaction is tailored to their specific needs, preferences, and history – making them feel like the VIPs they are!

24/7 Accessibility

Smart IVR is your 24/7 virtual assistant, always ready to serve your customers worldwide. No matter the time or place, your brand is at their fingertips – promising a pleasant and satisfying experience at any hour.

Adapt and Scale with Ease

As your business expands, Smart IVR can effortlessly grow with you. It's a scalable powerhouse, ensuring that your investment is future-proof and capable of meeting your ever-evolving needs.

gPlex Smart IVR

Digital Transformation for your Voice IVR

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase First Call Resolution (FCR) with gPlex Smart IVR

Improve Customer Satisfaction with gPlex Smart IVR

Using gPlex Smart IVR customers can solve problems and get what they need faster, all by themselves.

gPlex Smart IVR

Smart IVR upgrades the Voice IVR and offers a more personalized and digital experience to customers, enabling a better customer experience and self-service.

Transitions to Live Agents

Transform the Way you Connect and Improve Customer Experience with gPlex Smart IVR!

How does gPlex Smart IVR work?

  • Initial Interaction: When a customer calls a company’s contact center or accesses their IVR system through a digital channel, they are presented with options and menus just like in a traditional IVR system. But instead of listening to voice prompts, the customer will receive an SMS link or a link through a mobile app – inviting them to switch to a visual interface.

  • Visual Interface: When the customer clicks the link, they are presented with on-screen menus and options. This visual interface can take the form of a mobile app, a web page or a messaging platform (like a chatbot). This interface displays the same menu options presented in the voice menu.

  • Touchscreen Navigation: Customers can use touch or click-based navigation to select menu options, similar to interacting with a mobile app or website. They can tap or click on the screen to make selections, making the process more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Data Sharing: Smart IVR can access and display customer data, such as account information or order details on the visual interface. This enables customers to view and confirm information easily.

  • Visual Content: In addition to text-based options, Smart IVR can deliver images, videos, or documents to the customer's device. For example, if a customer is troubleshooting a technical issue, they might receive a visual guide or video tutorial.

  • Transitions to Live Agents: If the issue becomes too complex for the visual interface, Smart IVR can smoothly transfer you to a human agent with all the context and information already shared. This in return reduces the repetition and frustration.