gPlex Virtual Desk

Smart PCs for Security and Cost Saving

Enable Smart Desktop Experience

gPlex Vdesk provides the ability to quickly scale up and down the number of users almost instantaneously. Everyone has a secure, centralized environment to work on regardless of their location.

Benefits of gPlex Vdesk

  • Lower Capital Expenditure: With gPlex Vdesk outsourcing, companies do not have to worry about preparing infrastructure for business support. This feature helps businesses save capital expenses by delivering accurate and on-time solutions.
  • Improved Agent Productivity: High-performance cloud desktops provide a consistent, reliable user experience to boost agent productivity
  • Centralized IT Management: Focus IT on business processes and customer satisfaction instead of device management and desktop support.
  • Personalized Experience: Customize application delivery, security, and controls according to job role, group, or campaign (i.e., shift supervisor, agent, etc.).
  • Accurate and Quick: gPlex Vdesk helps to deliver a reliable and fast response to customers. BPOs can leverage it by bringing a speedy response to the customers and monitoring the real-time updates of the business service over the internet.
  • Accessibility: Due to BYOD and even more so the pandemic, workforces are being more mobile. The need or desire to work at home, along with more employers not worrying about if their employees are in an office (sitting right next to them) or across the world on another continent, accessibility is a key VDI benefit for these remote, long-distance, and/or mobile end users.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of endpoint maintenance is one of several VDI benefits to positively affect your computing environment. Routine upgrades, installations, and more, can be completed without user intervention whatsoever.
  • Security & Back-Up: As mentioned before, data is completely centralized – it is more secure and more protected – because it is located in one location. This cuts down significantly on the chances of sharing viruses or downloading documents with sensitive materials by the wrong staff members. Plus, if the right procedures are in place, backing up data without the risk of losing any files can also be a VDI benefit – particularly when done on a regular basis.