gPlex AI VoiceBot - Disha

A powerful AI-driven virtual assistant that uses voice recognition and Natural Language Processing to offer smooth Human-like conversations

Reduce Live Agent Cost

Grow Your Business

Improve CX

No waiting in the queue. With gPlex VoiceBots you can offer quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries. This greatly reduces the waiting times – leading to higher customer satisfaction and sales rate!


With gPlex VoiceBots, you can handle millions of conversations at a time without the need for typing or navigating complex interfaces. As a result, this accessibility feature make sure all the people.

Cost Savings

By automating routine customer support tasks with gPlex VoiceBots, you can substantially lower the operational costs. After all, they will be going around the clock 24x7x365, without the need for any breaks.

Brand Image

Investing in innovative technology like gPlex VoiceBots projects a forward-thinking and customer-centric image. This is a quite impressive way to attract tech-savvy consumers.

gPlex AI Agents for your Business

Speech Recognition

When a user speaks to a VoiceBot, the words are captured by a microphone and converted into digital data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The speech is converted to text, the VoiceBot uses Natural Language Processing to comprehend the meaning behind the spoken words.

Response Generation

After understanding the request, the VoiceBot generates a relevant response.

Voice Synthesis

The VoiceBot converts the Text-to-Speech technology to make the response sound natural and as close to human speech as possible.


Finally, the VoiceBot delivers the response through the speaker or audio output, allowing the user to hear and interact with it.

Talk and Watch Things Happen: The Magic of gPlex VoiceBots !

Boost up your customer service and improve the overall customer experience with gPlex VoiceBot

VoiceBot is a conversational software that can interact with you and make your life much simpler and easier – all through the magic of voice! And with gPlex VoiceBot, you are not just limited to one language! Whether it is Bangla, or English language, it can be trained to speak in any language you desire to communicate with users fluently in their native tongue.

Plus, from information to service execution, complaint handling – they can literally handle everything, no matter how complicated the customer inquiries might be!

Ultimately, streamlining the overall operations and saving up a lot of your team members’ valuable time, which can be used on performing higher–value tasks.