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Capture Leads and Make Buying Super Easy and Convenient for customers with gPlex Web Chat! A Web Chat is a complete customer service platform that works as a personalized assistance to online customers. After all, who doesn’t like some extra care and attention?

And with gPlex Web Chat, you can give your customers the helpful human touch they deserve!

They can easily reach out for support, ask questions, or seek guidance without the hassle of any phone calls or lengthy emails. Ultimately, delighting your customers and accelerating the overall sales rate.

They are lightning-fast as well. To be more precise, you ask, they answer – all in real time!

Web Chat is a valuable tool used for real-time online communication between businesses and their website visitors or customers.

It also serves as a means for sales and lead generation. Companies can engage with website visitors in real-time, offering product information or assistance in making purchase decisions. This personal touch, in return, can boost overall conversion rates and revenue.

They can also be used for gathering customer feedback, conducting surveys, or even just for friendly conversations to build rapport and trust.

How does a Web Chat work?


To set up Web Chat, a website owner typically integrates a chat software or widget into their site. This widget appears as a chatbox or button on the webpage.

Visitor Initiation

When a visitor to the website has a question or needs assistance, they click on the chat widget, often in the form of a chat bubble or a pop box. This action sends a signal to the chat system, indicating that someone wants to chat.


The chat system routes the incoming request to an available live agent or a chatbot. This totally depends on the business’s setup. For instance, some systems use automated chatbots to handle simple queries, while others connect visitors directly to human agents.

Chat Interaction

The visitor and agent/chatbot engage in a text-based conversation within the chat window. They can exchange messages, share links, and even transfer files if needed.


The chat continues until the visitor's query is resolved, whether it's obtaining information, troubleshooting, or making a purchase.


Once the issue is resolved or the conversation is complete, the visitor can end the chat, and the system records the session.

gPlex Digital Customer Care

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gPlex Web Chat benefits:

  • Improved Customer Support: Provide immediate assistance with Web Chat. This, in return, allows businesses to address customer inquiries and issues in real-time – leading to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Increased Sales: Businesses can use Web Chat to engage with potential customers, answer product questions, and guide them through the purchasing process, ultimately boosting sales and revenue.

  • Cost Savings: Web Chat reduces the need for phone support and email correspondence, saving businesses on customer service expenses. Agents can multitask, handling multiple chats simultaneously, making it cost-effective.

  • 24/7 Availability: Many Web Chat systems can run around the clock, providing support to customers regardless of the time zones or working hours, enhancing accessibility.

  • Lead Generation: Web Chat can capture leads by engaging with website visitors, gathering contact information, and nurturing potential customers.

  • Efficiency: Agents can use canned responses and access information quickly, making chat interactions efficient for both customers and support staff.

  • Data Collection and Analysis: Web Chat transcripts offer valuable insights into customer preferences and pain points, aiding in product/service improvement and marketing strategies.